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The supply chain network involves all of the factors that go into the creation and sale of a product: Individuals, organizations, resources, enterprises, and technology. This network encompasses everything from the delivery of materials from the supplier to the manufacturer to its delivery to the end-user. Our expertise in the consumer packaged goods, retail, and eCommerce industry allow us to work with your teams to optimize everything from warehouse operations to implementing best practices in production planning and purchasing.

Why is this important?

A solid supply chain network is crucial for businesses and for the economy. This network allows consumer goods to be available at a precise time. Having a strong foundation in this brings businesses many steps closer to scaling successfully. Supply chain networks enhance services to consumers by ensuring consumers receive their expected product in the anticipated quantity and quality.

How Lysi Works


Our team of project managers and engineers will first assess your current supply chain network to identify areas for improvement. Then, we conduct a comprehensive analysis that covers your company’s strategy, network, and processes.


We deliver a detailed implementation plan that we execute. This comes easily to us. We have a large team of engineers highly skilled in implementing and deploying the perfect supply chain network to work together to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and reduce customer chargebacks.


Once the supply chain is connected and activated, results take the stage—be prepared for optimized solutions, customer satisfaction, and minimal downtime.


Consistency is the new evolution: With technology evolving and your business growing, we’ll stand by your side to make the necessary changes to keep growing with risk management and sustainability.

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