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Shifting from retail to e-commerce is a gamechanger. This sector has become one of the most lucrative and transformational industries—everyone wants in. To lead in this industry, the best tools and sales funnel for your business need to be utilized, like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Will your business employ someone else’s platform, like Amazon Marketplace, Walmart, eBay, or sell directly to consumers? Lysi can help you make the best decision, and then implement it.

How Lysi can help

iPaas for Shipping & Fulfillment

With the right WMS and, software in place, shipping and fulfilling orders occurs within seconds.

Payout Reconciliation

Matching records and payments can be simple even with orders coming from all over the world using an ERP system like NetSuite.

Boost customer satisfaction

Because running a successful business means happy customers, we put systems in place to make sure you capture all customer inquiries.

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