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Process-driven strategy to support rapid growth.


We view your business from a holistic perspective, supporting the implementation of new supply chain systems with process and change management. Our expertise in the consumer packaged goods, retail, apparel/footwear, and eCommerce industries allow us to work with your teams to optimize everything from warehouse operations to implementing best practices in production planning and purchasing.

Partnerships Partnerships

Not short-term sales

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Based on real requirements for real businesses

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From long-term technical solutions


We understand that your technology needs to work to support your supply chain and not the other way around. Our team will work with you on everything from optimizing your purchasing process or streamlining your manufacturing system to helping you design an RFP process for a WMS system. Lysi’s business process experts have years of experience working in world-class, enterprise-level operations. We put that experience to work to implement the right best practices and KPIs for your organization at every stage of the supply chain.

  • Order Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Purchasing


With well over a decade of working with top-performing 3PL warehouses, 3PL Central is dedicated to building warehouse management technologies and solutions based on logistics best practices. 3PL Warehouse Manager, one of the leading cloud-based WMS platforms, makes it easy for warehouses to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to their customers.

It’s no longer enough to fulfill demand – you must anticipate it, predict it, and make smarter, faster decisions based on that information. HighJump integrates proven solutions for the warehouse, transportation, and logistics ecosystem with emerging technologies – from HighJump and around the world – to build the supply chain of the future.

Fishbowl Warehouse® automates the purchase order process, integrating seamlessly with Quickbooks. Receive products into your warehouse by scanning them in with a wireless mobile device, then store them in their assigned place in your warehouse, create multiple work orders and bills of materials for complex jobs, and when a sales order comes in, use Fishbowl to pick products off your shelves, pack them and ship them to the customer.


We are excited to support your company’s growth. Let us know what your goals are and a member of our team will be in touch.