Lysi Consulting

LYSI: Who We Are

How LYSI Came To Be

Three consultants walk into a bar to catch up and enjoy one another’s company. Several hours later they come out with a plan to help companies automate their businesses. 

How did this happen? Well, when you travel for business constantly, you meet others who are in the same sphere as you. Naourass Mehdi, Jim Beavers, and Ramesh Cooke became friends gradually as they occasionally worked for the same client. After successfully meeting a client deadline, all three decided to go to a bar in Oakland. Drawing on their shared values and extensive knowledge in the technology industry, they began discussing integration and optimization in the current eCommerce market. The more they talked, the more they recognized the value of a potential collaboration.  Before the night was over, someone had grabbed a napkin and jotted down a  business plan for what would become LYSI. 

Within a week, LYSI was a registered company; their plans having become a reality. Formed February 2018, as a trio startup, the company has quickly quadrupled in size.  Through hard work and dedication, Naourass, Jim and Ramesh  have successfully built a company from the ground up that is helping clients transition their current technology to new technology systems. 

How They Came to Consulting

Ramesh Cooke was born in London, but grew up in Sri Lanka and the Maldives before returning back to England for school. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After leaving his job as VP of IT, he was approached about consulting. Not long afterwards, Ramesh would be flying back and forth every week while working on various consulting projects in Oakland.

By the ripe age of eight Jim Beavers had lived in San Diego, California; Brussels, Belgium; London, England; and Breckenridge, Colorado. He attended College at CU Boulder and majored in psychology with a criminology major. He started his career by serving Fortune 500 companies for 10 years with a computer rental company. Feeling there was a change in the air, he shifted over from the hardware side to the software side. This led to a focus in the B2B/B2C/Sales Automation segment. Jim was working on a project in this segment when he met Ramesh and Naourass.  

Naourass Mehdi grew up in Morocco with a passion for music and sports. After playing professional soccer as a teenager, he came to the states for schooling. He attended the American University and graduated with a degree in marketing. He continued his education with two masters, an M.B.A. in Information Technology Project Management and an Executive Masters in Leadership Coaching. Moving from the east coast to west coast with his wife, he worked in several different sectors including consulting. He was living in San Francisco when he met Ramesh and Jim. 

Their Skills

Ramesh worked as a solutions architect for SAP implementation in over 60 countries. Starting his career with Nestle, he designed and implemented a global template for Nestle’s worldwide technology platform. He continued his technology implementation and expanded his 15 plus years of experience in SAP, SalesForce, iPaaS solutions, POS solutions, and e-commerce.

With over 25 years of involvement in business technology, Jim brings vast amounts of experience. He has worked with many different companies as a VP of Operations, COO, CTO, and CIO. His skills include EDI Integrations, ERP implementation, iPaaS design and implementation, and API technologies. He has been involved in just about every aspect of the retail and manufacturing technology sector, making Jim well versed in the industry.   

Naourass Mehdi has extensive experience in leadership, solutions implementation strategy and digital transformation projects.  He also has experience in over 85 implementations in different verticals. His skills include enterprise application architecture, digital transformation leadership, business process management, ERP implementation, eCommerce platforms, EDI implementation and integration to omni-channels.

What They Do Now

As CTO of LYSI, Jim takes care of everything on the technical side of the business. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife, son, and two dogs. Jim is an active outdoorsman who loves to cycle, ski, and surf. He can also be heard banging on the drums hoping to one day open for  TOOL or Foo Fighters. 

Ramesh is currently serving as LYSI’s COO and oversees the day-to-day operations and technological partners for the firm. When not hard at work as COO of LYSI, he can be found in Denver, Colorado with his wife and two dogs, often outside, snowboarding and rock climbing. 

As the CEO of LYSI, Naourass focuses on the business development and overall sales of the company. Naourass and his wife live in Newport Beach, California, with their two young boys. When not putting time into LYSI, he may be drafting creative concepts at Moolay Media or spending time at his restaurant, Fitbites, that specializes in healthy quick meal options. 

Where LYSI is Headed

With over 85 successful projects, LYSI is quickly growing as a top system integration company. Within the next year, LYSI would like to support an additional 200 brands in streamlining their technology eco-system. The team would also like to continue expanding while further deepening their foothold in the ever-evolving eCommerce terrain. 

If you want to learn more about what LYSI does, check out our website.